Enshu Limited is a brand new company set up to provide a SSI International-certified diploma course (the International Kikisake-shi or Master of Sake) on sake, Japan’s national beverage.

Enshu runs the Sake Service Institute International’s (SSI INT’L) International Kikisake-shi (or Master of sake) course on behalf of SSI International and is the first and official International Kikisake-shi course held in the UK.

Upon completion, students will receive a International Kikisake-shi certificate.

The SSI International-certified diploma is officially recognised in Japan, USA, France, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and China, but is considered throughout the world as the most respected course dedicated to the understanding of, and training in Sake.

INT’L Kikisake-shi (Master of Sake) certified diploma course outside of Japan, as big a success in the UK as it has achieved in Japan.

This course aimed at:

  •  Restaurant/business owners
  • Chefs/Barmen
  • Wine enthusiasts
  • Sake distributors
  • And anyone who loves Sake

Why not surprise a loved one with their very own Kikisake-shi course. It makes the perfect birthday, Christmas or anniversary present!

After passing the final exam, students are credited as an SSI International’s INT’L Kikisake-shi (Master of Sake), and can accurately and comprehensively advise, advice and train to consumers throughout the world.

Whatever your level of interest you will find it at Enshu. We look forward to welcoming you onto our programme!

Satomi Dosseur, Director