sake event at sozai cooking school

It was my first sake seminar held at Sozai Cooking School.

Sozai Cooking School provides varieties of event, such as Kazari maki, Ramen Sushi .. eand so much more.

I have my own traning ideas, but to find venue is always the difficult one. So I have got introduced by somebody who I know to this wonderful venue.

Since they have good experience organising a lots of event, I was so relaxed to prepare. (which is not always happen to me..)

さてさて、今回のSozai Cooking Schoolで 開催された日本酒のイベントは、私にとってはSozai Cooking School で初めて担当させて頂いたイベントでした。セミナーやイベント、そしてトレーニングのアイディア等は、もう次から次へと湧き出て来る程あるのですが、何が 難しいかと言うと、場所の確保。


そもそも、Sozai Cooking Schoolでは数々のイベントを主催しており、もう、イベントをオーガナイズする事に掛けては、皆さんプロ。


enshu sake event at sozai

 I have explained about basic knowledge of sake, such as ingredients, making process, classifications and special about sake.

Even though I didn’t use my slide presentation, I manage to show few pictures of sake making, and talked so much about sake. The samples we have chose, it was really unique products.

Urakasumi Junmai

Shochikubai Shirakabegura Muroka genshu

Nanbubijin Oke no Tami, Junmai

Choya Ume shu/ Plum Sake

The selection of sake is quite simple.

I thought many of guests doesn’t know much about Umeshu, so I wanted to share the health benefit of drinking Umeshu, and how to drink them.




浦霞 純米

松竹梅 白壁蔵 無濾過原酒 大吟醸

南部美人 桶の民 純米

Choya 梅酒



enshu sake event at sozai

We have tried all sake with beautifully prepared small dishes, such as Extra matured cheddar cheese, Duck+Orange pate, Pan fried scallops, Yakitori, Edamame, Onigiri..

And in the end of the session, guests purchased some sake to take home, so I think it was really good event.

We are organising more event togerther with Sozai Cooking School, so if you missed the event this time, I hope you can join us at next time!