sake event vol 17: “, report

Hello hello.

It’s been raining for all day today. We haven’t seen this much rain for a little while, in London. I can not believe how temperature drops from 30° in few days ago and today..18° . I was wearing summer dress yesterday and now, I want to have a hot chocolate and big thick winter socks…

Anyway, I would like to share a lovely sake evening at Medlar restaurant in last month. (sorry.. i know its little late..)

Medlar restaurant is stands on King’s Road, owned by two talented people Joe and David. They used to work great top restaurant in UK then they’ve opened Medlar in 2011 (←on my birthday!!). Since then, they’ve been satisfying many taste buds.

So, I’ve been introduced by Elyse from Japan Gourmet to this lovely restaurant. I used to live not too far from there but I’ve never been there before our first meeting.
As soon as I entered the private dining room, the wall size SW map will welcomed me. I just loved the atmosphere. Middle of the busy Kings road (a bit off from the busiest area but still) yet,  so quiet and calm.
So we’ve decided to have a sake event with Medlar restaurant.

It was a big challenge for me and Elyse to match with Japanese sake and dishes in Medlar. As “French food with global influence” concept dishes, variety of flavour and textures were just out of my imagination.

But we’ve came up to match with four types of sake with four course tasting menu.


それはそうと、大分遅くなりましたが、先月主催したMedlar restaurantでの第17回日本酒の会のレポートです。

Medlar restaurantは、チェルシーの中心を通る、キングスロードにあります。それぞれミシュランスターを保持するトップレストランで腕を磨いたJoeとDavidは、2011年にMedlar restaurantをオープンしました。(しかも私の誕生日に! え?どうでも良い。。?)

このレストランを紹介してくれたのは、日本酒ディストリビューターJapan Gourmet  のElyseでした。以前、この近辺からそれほど遠く無い所に住んでいたにも拘らず、このレストランには足を運んだ事がありませんでした。個室に通しても らうと、壁一面に広がる郵便番号“SW”の地図が出迎えてくれました。雰囲気は外の喧噪とは打って変わって、とても静かで、穏やかな雰囲気。直ぐに、気に 入ってしまいました。

Medlar restaurantは、”French food with global influence”というのが料理のスタイルなだけに、本当に私達にとっても大きな挑戦でした。味は勿論、香り、食感、全てが私の予想を遥かに超えていました。


enshu sake event
enshu sake event
enshu sake event
First course
Gazpacho with scallop tartare, fresh almonds and cherry
with Ikekame Turtle Blue, Ginjo
I must say, this was the real “wow factor”. Absolutely sensational beautiful marriage with gazpacho, cherry and scallops.. Nothing falling off, it was perfect matching.
enshu sake event
 Second course
Salad of confit quail legs, iberico ham, sairass ricotta, baby green peaches and pea flowers
with Nanbu bijin Ume Rose, no sugar added plum sake
The dry and very elegant Ume rose and gentle sweetness of this dish was complement each other SO well.
enshu sake event
Third course
 Roast skate with palourde clams, girolles, baba artichokes, fennel puree and sea aster
with with Katsuyama “En”, Tokubetsu Junmai
This dish has a lot of sea flavour. But the aromatic modern Junmai, Ktsuyama “En” was just blends very very well.
enshu sake event
Fourth course
English strawberries with Prosecco jelly, mint and lime granita, strawberry sorbet and meringues
with Ninki Ichi Sparkling, Junmai Ginjo
It was fresh, light, elegant and so summery… Both sake and dessert had same concept and it didn’t go wrong. They were made for each other!
We had wonderful evening at Medlar, served by super happy and passionate staffs.
It was definitely “a midsummer nights’ dream”, and one of the best sake matching of all.
Million thanks to Medlar’s staffs, David, Joe, Amy and super talented(another one?! I know, there is so many talented people works at there..) Clemen the Head sommelier also helped me so much.
And off course Elyse, who worked with me by side to make this event wonderful.
Thanks to all and I hope we can do another sake tasting challenge together!
Medlarのスタッフの皆さん、 David、 Joe、Amy それから素晴らしい才能をお持ちの、ヘッドソムリエClemenさん、感謝感謝 です。それから、今回のイベントを成功させるにあたり、一緒に頑張ってくれたElyseにも大感謝です。
Medlar restaurant
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Chelsea, London
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United Kingdom
+44 20 7349 1900
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