Sake Master Class, the afternoon in Misty bay; Urakasumi Brewery seminar


浦霞の13代目の当主、佐浦 弘一社長がロンドンに御出でになった際、光栄にもイベントをご一緒する機会を頂きました。


enshu sake event



enshu sake event enshu sake event





enshu sake event








It was my honour to work with Mr Koichi Saura, the 13th Generation president of Urakasumi Sake Brewery Saura Co., Ltd when he visited London.

enshu sakeevent

If you’ve been sake enthusiast or lover, probably you’ve heard of the name “Urakasumi”, which is elegant style of sake with long history brewery based in Shiogama City in Miyagi prefecture.

My cousins are living in Natori city in Miyagi prefecture, so I always feels affinity to the brewery and sake, somehow..

We’ve started the day from Master class called “Afternoon in Misty Bay”, then in the evening I have hosted the Dinner event at 1 michelin star restaurant called PORTLAND.

enshusakeevent enshusakeevent1

PORTLAND restaurant is stands on the little quiet street around the busy Oxford Street. They have just won the 1 michelin star restaurant in 2015. The restaurant is surrounded by offices and casual cafes, so when you get to the restaurant, you would ask yourself, is this really a 1 michelin star restaurant? But, super lovely kind staffs and wonderful dishes would blow your mind.. I truly loving this hidden restaurant.

So, we had tasting menu in the private dining room.

All dishes were so fresh and fun and every ingredients were so seasonal. Variety of texture, flavour and taste… But selection of Urakasumi we had, they were pair very well with the each dishes.

In the end of the dinner, Mr Saura asking around the table, the best match of the evening. We had a lot of different opinions and so so interested everybody has got completely different preference and opinions. It was great evening.

enshusakeevent 2


So, the event is finished. And we did a lot of great feed back from many people.

I put so much effort into this events but the guests left happy, that was my biggest rewards.

It was my truly pressure and honour to host event with Mr Koichi Saura. And Massive thanks to the all guests who join the event.

Thank you..

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