SSI International Kikisake-shi/ Master of SAKE Course

Our 5th Group of SSI International Kikisake-shi/ Master of Sake course was held in mid September.

SSI Enshu

We had 2 and half days of very very intensive course. We had wide range of back ground students and some of the students came from across the long journey, Brazil!

First day, we had more slow session of introductions. As well as a lot of sake tasting and try to focus on tasting.SSI Enshu

Second day was so much more intense.. We’ve talked all about ingredients and making process. We all felt it was just really long day..

Third day, we had a lot of fun, trying many sake, and different way to taste sake. It was so much more hands on session. We had few guests from Japan as well. Mr Washiyama from Fukushima TV kindly brought 2 bottles of Sake from Nagurayama Brewery in Fukushima. This brewer’s sake were never cross the sea before. So it was very special bottles first time flew from Japan to overseas.

SSI Enshu

Over three days of course, we’ve talked, discussed, tasted, discovered and inspired… I had a lot of fun.

I hope all students will pass the exam in two weeks time.

SSI Enshu

Thanks for attending and Very best of luck everybody!!