What is SSI?


SSI (Sake Service Institute) was founded in Japan, in November 1990 to educate and provide an international standard that improves and establishes Sake as a globally-recognised product.

With demand for Japan’s national alcoholic beverage increasing, through educational campaigns, SSI aims to diffuse and expand Japanese Sake, while continuing to influence, inherit and propel relevant industries.

The SSI has been providing the Kikisake-shi (Master of Sake) course, Shochu advisor and higher certificate in Sake and Shochu education course for 25 years.

So far, they has certified 24,692 Kikisake-shi, 6,311 Shochu advisors and given 460 higher certificate in Sake and Shochu education. (March 2012).

We focus our efforts purely on the Kikisake-shi diploma. Please visit the English page of the Japanese website for more information on other courses available.

The SSI has seen a rise in the popularity and demand for Sake in the UK and the potential this can create for restaurants and wine outlets. Its market and potential for growth is continuing to develop.


Why SSI?

Enshu is the only company authorised by the SSI to conduct the course on their behalf in the UK. Once students have successfully passed the exam, they will receive a fully-recognised SSI certification that can then be used around the globe.

SSI provides:IMG_2209

  • Unmatched expertise
  • Over 25 years of experience
  • Full understanding of the culture behind Sake
  • Insightfulness as to what an individual or business needs to know
  • Flexibility to conduct lessons at a location and time of your choice

Whether you’re a group of enthusiasts or a business enterprise looking to learn more about Sake, SSI provides you with all you need to know.